Minnie Murphy

Minnie Murphy was born with music in her DNA. Raised in a musical family, father Jimmy Murphy, a guitarist, mother Patricia Murphy, a piano player,
and she’s a half-sister to early-2000s country staple, Jamie O’Neal. Murphy voyaged across the country with her father to Nashville, where she had the opportunity to write songs with some of the industry’s finest and record a handful of them at the mere age of 16. She has also performed on stages like the Grand Ole Opry and The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, to weekly jobs playing piano and singing cover songs with some of her originals mixed in at Maggiano’s and Sambuca in Nashville. For over a decade, she has been in Nashville, working as a writer and recording demos. Minnie’s new single, “Get Over It,” is reflective and delivers a potent mix of classic traditional country along with her unique musical ability to bring passion and real deal emotion to life, both vocally or instrumentally. Her new LP, Evergreen, is due out later in 2021.


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